Meet Dr. Eric Debbané

Even after 40 years of practicing dentistry, I am still always appreciative and honored that new patients have placed their confidence in my ability to treat them. I understand the anxiety and fear that many patients go through to get dental procedures done.

More than perhaps any other profession, the relationship between a patient and his or her dentist is immediately quite intimate and demands a great deal of trust. It also requires sensitivity, caring, respect, and a gentle manner from the treating professional. Each patient is unique in his or her personality and dental problems. It is always important to talk to and treat each patient as an individual to ensure people leave as satisfied and happy patients. All of this is something I never forget and definitely never take for granted.

I was fortunate to have grown up in a family where my father was an orthodontist. This gave me a unique insight into what it would be like to practice dentistry as a profession. Dentistry not only allows me to meet new people all the time, it actually allows me to help people many times a day. I even truly get to say that I look upon a great number of my patients as real friends. I am so grateful for this and can only thank my profession for having made it possible.

Education and continuing education

Continuing education courses are the most effective way I have of remaining at the cutting edge of dentistry and able to provide my patients with the latest and best techniques available. It also keeps me energized and excited about the future of the dental profession.

Professional affiliations

Home and away from work

A native of Rochester, NY, I have been fortunate to call beautiful, friendly San Francisco, CA my home for the last 35 years. In my spare time, I routinely go to the gym, play tennis, or ski. Staying healthy is a big part of my life. My world has also been greatly enriched by travel and exposure to new cultures. I speak four languages, which enables me to interact freely and on a more intimate basis with different cultures when I travel.

From a community standpoint, animal welfare and the environment are very important to me, and I always do my best to support organizations that cater to both.

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